A 52-year-old man has been arrested in Alicante after confessing that he has killed his 66-year-old tenant with a knife and that he has hidden her body for almost a month wrapped in plastic bags and covered inside a duvet.

Although the motives for the crime have not yet been confirmed, there was a history of discussions for reasons of coexistence between the two, according to the National Police.

The homicide occurred on August 29 but has not been known until last night about 23.30 hours when the arrested, of Spanish nationality, called the provincial police station to state that he had violently ended the life of his tenant, with whom he shared a flat and did not maintain a sentimental relationship.

The agents immediately went to the scene and found the body of a woman in an advanced state of decomposition, wrapped in plastic bags and covered with a duvet, in addition to several useful effects for the investigation, including a knife that was possibly used for the homicide.

The house is located on Calle San Vicente in Alicante and was in a very poor state of health, even with depositions and remains of garbage at home.

The Violent Crime Group (Homicides) of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police has taken charge of the investigations and the detainee is in the cells of the police station waiting for him to be brought to justice in the next few hours.

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