The Carter Center said on the social networking site "X" that former US President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter took a picnic on Saturday to watch a festival in the state of Georgia.

Carter, who will turn 99 in the U.S. as a Democratic nominee, took office in 1977 and was unable to win a second term, losing to Republican Ronald Reagan.

Carter became internationally famous after his reign saw the recognition and establishment of diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, as well as the signing of a nuclear arms control agreement with the former Soviet Union.

He also became famous at the Arab level when, in 1979, he oversaw the signing of the Camp David Accords between the late Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar Sadat and the then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Annual festival

A car carrying Carter and his wife drove through the former president's hometown of Plains on Saturday for the annual peanut festival.

Carter's tenure so far after leaving the presidency in 1981 is longer than any previous president after leaving the White House in U.S. history.

In recent years, Carter has suffered from several health problems, including skin cancer, which has spread to his liver and brain, but his response to the treatment he received has been good.

The Carter Center announced in February that the former president would receive elderly care and "spend the remainder of his life at home with his family" rather than undergoing additional medical intervention.

Campcars in Plains Park in Georgia where Jimmy Carter is born (French)