With the investiture, probably failed, of Alberto Núñez Feijóo just around the corner, the parties of the left take advantage of the weeks to negotiate with the independence forces a formula that allows repeating the coalition government with Pedro Sánchez at the front. And, at the same time, Sumar advances in the balance of forces that make up the conglomerate of formations headed by Yolanda Díaz, being Más Madrid, together with the commons, one of the most relevant.

And they know this within the regionalist party, where movements are beginning to take place with an eye on national politics and more specifically on the option that a future ministry can fall into their hands. Although sources around Monica Garcia point out that "we are not at that moment," some party leaders are already beginning to slip that possibility. "I do not see it for sure, but I do think we have enough possibilities," says one of those consulted by EL MUNDO. "It's not crazy to think about it, we are already ripe to assume it," he says for a second. "Yes, why not?" says a third when asked.

However, the silence on the conversations held with Yolanda Díaz, who this week met for the first time with Mónica García after the visit of the vice president to Waterloo to meet with Carles Puigdemont, are absolute within the party. "This is our way of acting. We like that the negotiations are carried out in private, as they should be carried out, "indicate sources of Más Madrid. Hence, the one chosen to head them is Manuela Bergerot, responsible for Organization of the party, of whom her colleagues highlight three values: "loyalty", "discretion" and "clarity". "Like a tomb," defines one of his fellow caucusmen.

Despite this silence, internal movements have already begun to take place. The Madrid formation renounced to have a spokesperson within the Parliamentary Group of Sumar and, being a main actor, that opens the door to a greater booty in case of future Government. Unlike Podemos, no one in Más Madrid publicly claims a Ministry, but they understand that Yolanda Díaz could get three or four and they would enter the candidates, with Mónica García being the preferred option. Because Íñigo Errejón has the handicap of the political past and Tesh Sidi with his inexperience and his Saharawi origin, which now goes against him due to the historical turn taken by Pedro Sánchez in March 2022 with the Sahara.

In Más Madrid, given the current scenario, a large part of its members are in favor of gaining power within Sumar, seeing what it could also mean to have that same power in a future Government of the Nation for a formation with just five years of life as a political party. "National visibility allows you to grow also in Madrid, you gain notoriety everywhere," says a source.

However, there are leaders who also warn of the "problem of losing everything built" in the autonomous terrain where they have emerged as leaders of the opposition to Isabel Díaz Ayuso and of finding a substitute for Mónica García if she finally made the leap to higher levels than the regional ones.

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