Detention of Mr. Bazoum in Niger: ECOWAS Court of Justice seized, his lawyer calls for his immediate release

In Niger, it has now been more than seven weeks since President Mohamed Bazoum was kidnapped by the military who overthrew him on 26 July. The deposed president appealed to the ECOWAS Court of Justice. Details with his lawyer Seydou Mohamed.

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Overthrown President Mohamed Bazoum (2nd from right) during his meeting with members of the ECOWAS delegation in Niamey, August 19, 2023. © Close to the meeting between ECOWAS and Mohamed Bazoum

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The ousted Nigerien president has filed a complaint with the ECOWAS Court of Justice for kidnapping and arbitrary detention. One of his lawyers, Seydou Mohamed Diagne, a lawyer at the Dakar Bar, asks the Court of Justice of the West African organization for the immediate and unconditional release of Mohamed Bazoum and his family and the restoration of constitutional order without delay. Interview by Abdoulaye Diallo of RFI's Fulfulde editorial team.

« It concerns the President of the Republic Mohamed Bazoum, his wife Hadiza Bazoum, his son Salem Bazoum, who were illegally arrested, kidnapped and arbitrarily detained. And we ask the ECOWAS Court of Justice for their immediate release. Thus, and above all, the restoration of constitutional order in Niger by handing over power without delay to President Mohamed Bazoum so that he can complete his mandate.

Is there any chance that these requests will succeed?

I think it is not debatable or questionable before a court or tribunal as prestigious as that of ECOWAS, that the human rights of Mr. Bazoum, his wife and his child have been violated. Nor is it seriously debatable that coups, coups and all unconstitutional changes are things that are formally prohibited and prohibited by all international and regional legal instruments in force in the ECOWAS area. »

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