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Sonsoles Ónega has recovered the illusion in love and has a busy heart again. The lucky one is Juan, a 52-year-old financial expert, with whom he has made a romantic getaway. Last Friday, September 15, after finishing their program And now Sonsoles headed to Vigo, Galicia. Around 22:00 hours at night both arrived at Peinador airport. Then they took a taxi that took them to the place where they stayed, the Parador de Baiona. Once installed they rested to enjoy the next day the coastal area of the Rías Baixas, which they toured in a rental car.

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A romantic and secret getaway that ended early on Monday when the presenter took a flight to return to Madrid to continue her professional commitments. However, he did it alone, without his new partner, who stayed in the north of Spain for a few more days, as Diez Minutos has revealed. "She is very excited, like a teenager," they say from their closest environment.

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The journalist and Juan began their romance at the end of last year and, although they have wanted to keep theirs secret, they have finally been captured by the paparazzi. But who is the man who has excited Sonsoles again? Juan works as an investor and both met through friends they have in common. Like the presenter, who was married to Carlos Pardo and they separated in 2019 after 11 years together and two children in common, the businessman also ended his marriage some time ago.

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Later, Ónega had a relationship with César Vidal, but it did not come to fruition and they made the decision to continue their lives on separate paths. It can be said, therefore, that Sonsoles Ónega is going through a good stage of his life, both professionally, since he has just released one more season of the space he leads on Antena 3, and personal. Although it is true that, for now, it seems that he will follow the same guideline for which he has bet in past romances and is to keep his private sphere as armored as possible in the face of the public eye.

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