The blow may have been delivered on September 16, during the raid on the airfield, presumably, at least two MiG-29s were destroyed, writes the Military Chronicle.

The most significant in this case is the range of use, the report said.

At the same time, it is also striking that the launch was single and, with a group strike, the RF Armed Forces had the opportunity to hit all the MiG-29 fighters at the airfield.

At the time of the attack, Ukrainian MiG-29s are not in protective hangars, but on concrete platforms, surrounded by rubber tires for reliability, but airfield air defense does not react to a kamikaze drone flying at high altitude.

It cannot be ruled out that in the near future other high-precision weapons will be used at airfields near the line of contact, for example, adjustable bombs with a planning range of 70-100 km, the Military Chronicle notes.

Yuriy Patskan, an officer of the Main Directorate of the Missile Forces of Ukraine, said earlier that it is difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stop the Lancets and the Ukrainian troops have to hide the equipment.