The Guardia Urbana of Barcelona has processed two sanctions of about 300 euros each against FC Barcelona for non-compliance with the schedules of the remodeling works of the Spotify Camp Nou. In the early hours of last Thursday, the agents carried out an inspection in these remodeling works and "activity that was not authorized was detected," according to sources from the Barcelona City Council.

The inspection is added to another last August, as advanced by 'El Periódico', when works were done outside the hours provided for in the municipal ordinances, which has caused the two fines to be imposed by the Consistory.

Since its inception some months, the residents of the area have complained about the noise caused by the remodeling works of the stadium, which includes in part its demolition, since they ensure that truck traffic in the area is continuous from early in the morning, much earlier than authorized.

For this reason, Barcelona City Council stresses that it is working together with FC Barcelona "to resolve these breaches" and in the coming days will summon the neighbors to give the necessary explanations to solve this conflict.