Last week, SVT could report that the 25-year-old man who was shot dead in a stairwell in Uppsala on Tuesday was also registered in Kramfors municipality. He lived there for six years until last year when he moved south.

The man was on his way to work in home care. According to the police, he had no previous links to gang crime but is believed to have been confused with the actual target of the act, a relative of Rawa Majid – "The Kurdish Fox" – who is written at the same address.

Two days later, on Thursday morning, a young man in his late teens was shot dead in Västertorps outside Stockholm. According to information to SVT, he also had a connection to Rawa Majid.

Stayed in Sundsvall two times

The man was registered in Enköping but has also lived temporarily in Sundsvall. SVT Västernorrland's research shows that he has lived in Sundsvall twice since 2019.

And now it is clear that even the latest line of victims of the fatal shootings in central Sweden has a background in Västernorrland.

The man in his 40s who was shot dead in Råcksta, west of Stockholm, late Saturday night – and who can also be linked to Rawa Majid according to SVT's information – was since May this year also registered in Kramfors municipality.

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