SVT has reported on farmers who have been hit hard by the drought at the beginning of the summer. Towards late summer came heavy downpours that caused flooding where arable land became lakes.

In Jormvattnet in Strömsund municipality, there has been no drought to speak of, the more rain. Despite this, meat farmer Magnus Olsson has made a record harvest.

"It has been a challenging season, but in the end very good. Between the rain showers, we have taken the opportunity when we could drive, he says.

Benefits of mountain environment

Jormvattnet is located in a mountain environment, a few miles from the Norwegian border. According to Olsson, there is rarely extreme drought and the water does not stand still in the hilly terrain.

"There are advantages to the water running away – but the challenge is precisely that it tilts. It's a bit tricky with driving sometimes, to get up the slopes if it's wet," says Magnus Olsson.

Come along to Magnus Olsson's farm in Jormvattnet and hear how he worked during the summer to maximize the harvest.