Nanning, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- As the main autumn grain crops in Guangxi, late rice and autumn corn are now a crucial period for pumping ears and flowers, filling and fruiting, and forming yields. The reporter learned from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the 14th that the local area has carried out the "one spray and multiple promotion" of autumn grain and the unified prevention and control of major diseases and pests, providing support for increasing autumn grain production and harvest.

The picture shows the demonstration base of soybean corn belt compound planting in Guangxi. Photo courtesy of Guangxi Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

A few days ago, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi and the Department of Finance issued the "2023 Autumn Grain "One Spray and Multiple Promotion" and Rice Major Pests Prevention and Control Subsidy Fund Implementation Plan", arranging the autonomous region's financial funds of 9000 million yuan (RMB, the same below), of which the autumn grain crops late rice and autumn corn "one spray and multiple promotion" subsidy funds of 6000 million yuan, the implementation area of 200 million mu; The subsidy fund for the unified prevention and control of major diseases and pests such as rice "two migrations" pests is 3000 million yuan, and the implementation area is 150.<> million mu.

It is reported that through government procurement of services and other means, Guangxi focuses on selecting eligible agricultural socialized service organizations such as farmers' cooperatives, service professional households, agricultural service enterprises, rural collective economic organizations, supply and marketing cooperatives, etc., and the socialized service organizations will provide spraying operation services and required fertilizers and chemicals.

At the same time, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi formulated and issued technical guidelines on "one spray and multiple promotions" and the unified prevention and control of major diseases and pests, clarifying the technical points that are easy to understand and suitable for operation. According to different regions, different crops, different growth periods, growth trends and weather conditions, combined with the prevention and control of floods, drought disasters and pests and diseases, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, insecticide, fungicide and other mixtures are selected according to local conditions, and spraying operations are carried out through drones, aircraft or other spraying machinery. Relevant technical personnel will also go to townships, villages and fields to carry out on-site guidance services, organize the implementation of "one spray and multiple promotion" field plots and non-operational field control test demonstrations, scientifically evaluate the implementation effect, and accumulate experience for the future implementation of a larger area to improve the level of grain yield.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangxi Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, at present, the local area has launched a number of service activities such as the 100-day autumn grain harvest action for agricultural technicians to sink the front-line baoji market and fight for <> days to win the autumn grain harvest, grain and oil production tour service guidance, and go deep into the frontline to accurately guide the implementation of key tasks such as disaster prevention and reduction, yield improvement, and autumn grain field management, and help the grassroots solve practical difficulties.

According to agricultural statistics, the area of late rice in Guangxi has been planted 1267.41 million mu, completing 100.80% of the planting intention; The sown area of autumn corn was 124,79,5 mu, 22,29 mu faster than the same period last year; the sown area of summer and autumn soybeans was 64,1 mu, 43,<> mu faster than the same period last year. Food crops are currently growing well. (End)