After the general elections of July 23 and the loss of power of Unidas Podemos within the space of the left, now grouped as a whole in Sumar, the positions of trust that the purple ministers had have been forced to find a new location. And the City Council of Rivas, traditional bastion of the left in the Community of Madrid and governed by a coalition of Izquierda Unida, Más Madrid and Equo, has become one of the destinations.

So far that is the location that has been found to two of the members of the teams of Irene Montero and Alberto Garzón, who were left out of the lists of Sumar for the Congress of Deputies. The first after a long public dispute between Podemos and the sector of Yolanda Díaz and the second by its own decision. Clara Alonso, who had served as Director of Communication of the Minister of Equality, will now be in charge of the Press Office of the Ripense Consistory. According to his appointment in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid (BOCM), he will occupy the same position he occupied in the minister's team.

The second of the former ministerial positions that will now go to local politics in Madrid is Desiderio Cansino, Chief of Staff of the Minister of Consumption, a position from which he was dismissed just a few weeks ago when it was published in the Official State Gazette after four years of function. Just a few weeks later, the former position linked to the federal coordinator of Izquierda Unida has been appointed director of Service, attached to the Department of Finance and Heritage of the City Council directed by Aída Castillejo.

In the case of the director of communication, it was she herself who announced through a message on her Twitter account her incorporation into the municipal team of the town in the east of Madrid. "A few days ago I joined the Rivas City Council team as director of communication. Good luck to me for working with those who support this City Council of reference and for being attached to Aída Castillejo, who has already taught me a few lessons of municipal life, "said the journalist, a member of the closest circle of Irene Montero, with whom she already coincided in her beginnings in Izquierda Unida and in this last stage in the Ministry of Equality.

In fact, the current director of Rivas has also been linked to Alberto Garzón in his political career because after being re-elected federal coordinator of the United Left in the XII General Assembly, in 2021, Alonso was put in charge of the Equality area of the formation. Closer to the Minister of Consumption, until the fact of being his right hand, is Desiderio Cansino who during the last four years has served as one of the maximum responsible for the strategy and political action of one of the departments that had remained purple in the coalition government with the PSOE.

To the point that in some of the controversies in which Garzón has been involved as minister, such as that of macrofarms and the quality of Spanish meat, part of the socialist wing in Moncloa pointed to his chief of staff as one of the main responsible for the statements of the federal coordinator of IU. Now Cansino will be integrated into the Department of Finance and Heritage of the City of Rivas.

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