A group of international experts held a hearing in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, where he presented what he claimed were the morgues of aliens more than a thousand years old.

During Tuesday's session, journalist Jaime Mussan presented the alleged bodies of "non-human" beings in the presence of experts and politicians from Japan, Argentina, France, Brazil and Peru, with the aim of discussing "unidentified alien phenomena" (UAP), a term that replaced "unidentified flying objects" or "unidentified flying objects" (UFO).

Mussan presented lawmakers with two morgue bodies of supposed aliens, while moderator Tercer Milenio said they were studied at Mexico's highest academy National Autonomous University.

According to the journalist, the two alleged strange bodies were recovered in the city of Cusco in the Republic of Peru (southeast) and are 1000,<> years old, and they are "non-human beings and are not part of our terrestrial evolution, and after their disappearance there is no subsequent evolution."

The hearing was attended by former US officer Ryan Greaves, who testified before Congress in late July about his experiences with unidentified aircraft during his time as an army pilot.

Graves wrote on the X platform: "Mussan has over 50 years of experience. At the time, the researcher provided hypothetical evidence of the existence of alien life in the world, such as a video documenting an alien autopsy.

"It's good to recognize these phenomena in Mexico, making our country one of the first countries to accept the presence of non-humans on the planet," Mussan said at the hearing.

"These samples are not part of our evolutionary history on Earth, they are not organisms recovered from the crash of a UFO. Instead, they were found in diatom mines and then became fossilized."