In a surprise that caused a sensation on global social media, Mexican journalist Jaime Musan on Wednesday displayed a collection of mummified bodies in small wooden and glass cans during a hearing on aliens in the Mexican Congress.

The man, who is famous for his support for the scope of unidentified flying objects (UFO), announced that these creatures were found in the State of Peru, and are estimated to be a thousand years old, and testified under oath that 30% of the DNA of these beings is unknown, and that they are not related to humans from near or far, referring to being aliens.

Over the past decade, these kinds of allegations of extraterrestrial existence have often emerged, but the only major problem with all these claims has been that they lacked explicit scientific evidence to confirm their veracity.

With such extraordinary claims, the evidence should be exceptional, which has not happened (Reuters)

Are they really extraterrestrials?

Mussan said the fossils were examined by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, but there have been no papers on the matter confirming that the entity is completely non-human and that it is not from the planet with conclusive scientific evidence.

With such exceptional claims, the evidence should also be exceptional, i.e., a number of medical and archaeological research teams studying these fossils and publishing a number of independent papers that have been reviewed by other scientists (peer review) to confirm this information, which has not happened so far.

In addition, the strange shapes that appear in the pictures are, in the words of the journalist Musan, the remains of creatures that lived a thousand years ago, and this means that they may only be human corpses that were exposed to erosion factors over hundreds of years until they appeared in this strange form.

This is not new, by the way, as the man has something to do with a similar incident in 2015, when he made a claim that the mummified body was almost the same shape as an object coming from deep space, and said at the time that this body was found near the famous Nazca Lines area in Peru.

In June 2017, this claim was made in a documentary on the platform "Gaia", which is famous for promoting the range of ancient aliens, and consequently claims that ancient world monuments such as the pyramids were built by aliens, and during the documentary Mussan claimed that the analysis shows the mummified body of a non-human figure with a much larger skull than usual and 3 fingers in the hands and feet, and it was finally found that the mummified body was that of a human child.

No monitoring or scientific research

Finally, space agencies specialized in this type of research have not yet announced any trace of any form of life in or outside the solar system on rational and non-rational organisms.

These agencies are not limited to one country, for example, the US Space and Aviation Agency (NASA) and the European Space Agency, and China, India, Russia and many countries each have space agencies and observatories specialized in monitoring deep space, which means that one of them is likely to announce before the other any disclosure related to this range, at least to attribute precedence to them.

Many scientists do support the idea that there are rational organisms in the universe, but they have no documented scientific evidence for this.

According to a report released for the first time by a special NASA team of independent scientists in several domains on September 14, all the strange and undefined phenomena observed so far are not related to any space assets.

All of the above makes us at least rationally suspicious of such claims, and until multiple independent studies are published in heavy scientific journals, Jaime Mussan's claim remains highly questionable.