"To begin with, let's explain the mechanism of preferential mortgages. The average market rate for housing is now 15%. It is clear that the preferential product is "preferential" only for the recipient. Someone has to pay the full amount, because the money doesn't come out of nowhere," he explained.

According to Fedorov, banks issue loans at reduced rates, and "every month they receive compensation from the budget."

"The budget compensates them for the lost interest to the key rate. That is, 12% at the present time and plus by 2-5 percentage points, depending on the program. And since recently there has been an imbalance in the market due to mortgage programs with state support, the government decided to stabilize the situation, "the investor believes.

In his opinion, little will change, because still "mortgage rates remain quite low."

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers raised the down payment of preferential mortgages to 20%.