Nanning, September 9 (Wei Jiaxiu) The Health Commission of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said on the 11th that the medical team of the Guangxi Aid to Cambodia Cataract Elimination Project recently completed the project phase tasks and successfully returned to China. Up to now, Guangxi has performed a total of 11,10059 free vision restoration surgeries for cataract patients in Cambodia and Laos.

The Cataract Blindness Elimination Project is a cooperation project in Guangxi to promote the implementation of the "Belt and Road" medical services going global, which has been implemented since May 2018, benefiting the health and well-being of the Cambodian and Lao people, and helping to enhance the heart-to-heart ties between China, Cambodia and China.

According to reports, Guangxi has sent a total of 19 batches of 132 ophthalmic expert teams to Cambodia and Laos, performed 10059,<> free vision restoration surgeries for local cataract patients, and trained local ophthalmic medical staff, which was welcomed and praised by all walks of life in Cambodia and Laos.

At the same time, Guangxi has long undertaken the task of sending foreign aid medical teams to two African countries, Niger and Comoros, and has sent 2 batches of 38 people. Among them, a total of 884 people were assisted in 23 batches of Niger and 723 people in 15 batches in Comoros, providing diagnosis and treatment services for millions of local patients and training tens of thousands of local medical personnel.

In recent years, the Guangxi Health Commission has given full play to Guangxi's location advantages in opening up and cooperation with ASEAN and the unique advantages of health resources, actively carried out international cooperation in anti-epidemic and flood control, and successively dispatched anti-epidemic (anti-flood) medical expert teams to Cambodia, Comoros, Pakistan and other countries. The 4th China-ASEAN Health Cooperation Forum and the 2nd International Medical Innovation Cooperation Forum were successfully institutionalized, and the construction of the Fangchenggang International Medical Open Pilot Zone achieved major phased results.

While serving the "Belt and Road", Guangxi has also actively promoted the "Fuming No. 18" project of China's mobile ophthalmic surgery vehicle to send light to 14 districted cities in the region, and has completed more than 8000,2 cataract surgeries with a distance of more than 8,18 kilometers, helping cataract patients in Guangxi relieve their patients and reduce their economic burden, and improving the level of ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment in local medical institutions through the method of "passing on help and guidance" to meet the needs of local people for medical treatment. "Fuming No. <>" has gradually become a unique brand of Guangxi Fuming Project, effectively helping Guangxi's rural revitalization. (End)