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North Korea: Ruler Kim inspects the submarine



North Korea repeatedly causes provocations. Now, according to its own statements, the self-proclaimed nuclear power has launched a new type of submarine for attack with tactical nuclear weapons. The submarine will fulfill its "combat mission as one of the core elements of the offensive underwater means of delivery," ruler Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying by state-controlled media on Friday.

The country plans to convert more existing submarines into nuclear-armed ships and push ahead with the construction of nuclear-powered submarines, Kim said. The equipping of the Navy with nuclear weapons must be promoted in the future. After his participation in the ceremonial launch on Wednesday, Kim inspected the submarine number 841 "Hero (Hero) Kim Kun Ok" a day later before the first test run.

According to analysts, the ship appears to be a modified Soviet-era Romeo-class submarine, which North Korea acquired from China in the seventies and began producing at home.

The construction of such a submarine is seen in the context of Kim's goal of expanding his country's nuclear strike power. Pyongyang's goal is to have the full spectrum of nuclear weapons and missiles. North Korea is subject to international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program. Kim had recently declared that the navy must become "part of the state's nuclear deterrence".

Violation of UN resolutions

It remained unclear how many missiles the new submarine could carry and fire. According to reports from the South Korean media, initial images from the North Korean news agency KCNA revealed ten launch tubes that could be intended for so-called submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). The South Korean military stated that the submarine did not appear to be ready for normal operation.

Launches or tests of ballistic missiles are prohibited by UN resolutions. Depending on their design, such missiles can be equipped with nuclear warheads.