China News Network Taiyuan, September 9 Topic: Flowers and Fruitful Fruits The development of Jinzhong characteristic professional towns in Shanxi has achieved remarkable results

——Interview with Zhang Peng, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor of Shanxi Province

Written by Yang Jieying Zhang Yun

At present, the "hometown of Jinshang" in Jinzhong, Shanxi, has a strong momentum of promoting the high-quality development of characteristic professional towns. The local area is actively building more vibrant, influential and competitive professional town brands with Shanxi characteristics, driving the economic quality and efficiency of the county and releasing the "town energy" of local development.

Recently, Zhang Peng, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor of Shanxi Province, said in an interview with reporters that Jinzhong City conscientiously implemented the decision-making and deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on cultivating and building professional towns, planned from a high starting point, set high standards and promoted high quality, continued to make efforts in strengthening support guarantees, implementing working mechanisms, cultivating industrial clusters, and strengthening characteristic brands, and took strong steps on the road of high-quality development of characteristic professional towns.

Qi County enjoys the reputation of "China's glassware capital". Photo by China News Network reporter Zhang Yun

At present, Taigu Magang, Qixian glassware, Pingyao beef and pushlight lacquerware have been selected as the first batch of ten key professional towns in the province, and the three professional towns involve more than 3 enterprises and drive nearly 200,20 employees. Jinzhong identified the first batch of 6 city-level professional towns of Yuci Textile Machinery Hydraulics, Yuci Huairen Old Aged Vinegar, Lingshi Humic Acid, Jiexiu Carbon, Taigu Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care and Yushe Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials.

Zhang Peng introduced that Jinzhong has a good industrial foundation, high industrial agglomeration, complete industrial chain, and a large number of "singles champions" have emerged in some subdivisions. In recent years, the professional town industry in Jinzhong City has shown new highlights such as remarkable market expansion results, orderly construction of public service platforms, and outstanding brand building results.

Qi County enjoys the reputation of "China's glassware capital", the output of artificially blown glassware accounts for about 50% of the total number of artificially blown glassware in the country, and the products cover more than 8000,80 varieties of ten series, which are exported to more than 3000 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States; Taigu Ma Steel has more than 40,<> distribution outlets throughout the country, and its products are exported to more than <> countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, and has won the honorary titles of "China Ma Steel Industry Base" and "China Ma Steel Foreign Trade Incubation Base"; Pingyao beef is a national geographical indication product of China, and Pingyao lacquerware is one of the four major lacquerware in China; These professional towns have the advantages of complete industrial system, prominent cluster effect, large scale and strong innovation ability, which are indispensable and important supports for the regional economy.

Taigu Masteel has won the titles of "China Ma Steel Industrial Base" and "China Ma Steel Foreign Trade Incubation Base". Photo by China News Network reporter Zhang Yun

The establishment of characteristic professional towns has brought new development opportunities to the industrial development of Jinzhong City, and also put forward higher development requirements. What are the development ideas of Jinzhong City? Zhang Peng said that in order to do a good job in the article of professional towns, Jinzhong City compiled the "3+N" work manual and formulated the overall development idea of the "135" cultivation project of professional towns, that is, cultivating 10 provincial-level professional towns, 30 city-level professional towns and 50 county-level professional towns. It puts forward the "ten haves" requirements of professional towns with development plans, annual goals, incentive policies, leading enterprises, key enterprise pools, employment and enrichment effects, public service platforms, brand building achievements, innovation and talent training bases, and special work classes, focusing on characteristic industries, highlighting the cultivation of main industries, stimulating the potential of enterprises themselves, broadening the development space of characteristic professional towns, coordinated promotion, hierarchical cultivation, building a professional town echelon at the city and county levels, and forging a number of industrial towns with strong support and great influenceAt the same time, the municipal finance specially allocated 5000 million yuan for professional town awards, and issued assessment measures for the assessed provincial professional towns and municipal professional towns.

"The leading leader is not strong enough, the industrial connection is not strong, the brand building is not enough, and the talent gap is large..." Zhang Peng said frankly that at present, the industrial development of professional towns in Jinzhong City is also facing some problems.

In this regard, Jinzhong City will make breakthroughs in policy support, promoting industrial agglomeration, strengthening transformation and upgrading, and increasing market promotion.

Jinzhong City will encourage and support the leading enterprises of professional towns in the city to become bigger and stronger, give play to the leading role of the market, and achieve cluster development; Actively carry out foreign investment attraction activities, combine the characteristics and advantages of professional town industries, focus on key areas such as the cultivation of new kinetic energy of professional towns and the upgrading of traditional industries, and accurately attract a number of supporting projects with large market potential, high scientific and technological content, good quality and efficiency, and strong demonstration effect.

At the same time, give full play to the resource advantages of the university town, continue to strengthen school-enterprise, school-land, school-school cooperation, and create a technology innovation cooperation alliance for industry-education integration, industry-research integration, school-enterprise sharing, and enterprise sharing; At the same time, we will further optimize the incentive mechanism for flexible flow of talents, support existing scientific research talents in the city to participate in technology upgrading research and development and product upgrading research and development in professional town enterprises, and promote the upgrading of characteristic industrial processes and product innovation.

Pingyao tuiguan lacquerware is one of the four major lacquerware in China. Photo by China News Network reporter Zhang Yun

When talking about the prospect planning of Jinzhong City in the construction of professional towns, Zhang Peng said that in the future, it will further increase cultivation efforts, vigorously support Yuci Textile Machinery Hydraulics, Yushe Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials, etc. to enter provincial professional towns, and at the same time cooperate with agriculture and cultural tourism to carry out the second batch of municipal professional town selection and identification work, and by the end of the year, the number of municipal professional towns will reach more than 10, and continue to accumulate development stamina.

In terms of extending the industrial chain, Jinzhong City organically integrates the two key tasks of "professional town" and "chain leader system" planned by the provincial level, pays attention to the synchronous cultivation of upstream and downstream industrial chains in the process of developing professional towns, provides characteristic advantageous industrial support for building industrial chains with "professional towns", and drives the leading industries of "professional towns" to improve quality with the extension of the industrial chain.

In the next step, how can Jinzhong's characteristic industries better "go global"? Zhang Peng introduced that in the future, we must adhere to independent innovation, pay attention to brand building, aim at the high-end of the industrial chain and value chain, increase research and development efforts, and continue to work hard to improve the added value of products with fine technology and promote the benign interaction between supply and demand. Make full use of large-scale exhibition platforms such as exhibitions, timely grasp the domestic and foreign market trends, actively promote and promote the city's products, and further expand the domestic and foreign markets. Make full use of the resources of both domestic and international markets, promote the mutual transformation and superposition of domestic and foreign trade advantages, and continuously improve the level of internationalization and international competitiveness. (End)