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The Civil Guard has arrested a 28-year-old man for stealing three cats and killing another inside the facilities of an animal shelter in the Alicante region of Marina Alta. In addition, two of the stolen cats would also have died at the hands of the accused.

The investigation began when the Civil Guard, through the complaint of an animal protector of the Marina Alta region, became aware of the theft of a catand the death of another feline by an unidentified person inside its facilities, as indicated in a statement.

The individual has turned out to be a resident of El Verger who, previously, had adopted another cat from a different shelter and had reported his loss and requested a new adoption. The protector, not seeing her excuse about the disappearance credible, denied her the new adoption.

After his arrest, the man is charged with robbery with force and animal abuse, the latter resulting in the death of a feline.

After further investigation, the officers obtained evidence suggesting that the detainee may have allegedly carried out similar acts in the past. Specifically, they found that, during the month of July, the defendant had stolen two other cats from the same animal shelter. These animals would have died at the hands of the suspect and their bodies would have been abandoned in the vicinity of the facilities of the affected protective and their home.

The detainee and the proceedings taken have been made available to the Court of Instruction number 2 of the Judicial Party of Dénia (Alicante).

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