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Hubert Aiwanger


Uwe Lein / dpa

There has been much speculation about the questions and answers, but now they have been published on the homepage of the Bavarian state government. Together with a lengthy conversation on Saturday evening between Markus Söder and Hubert Aiwanger, they are said to have persuaded the Bavarian Prime Minister to leave his deputy in office.

The questionnaire consists of three complexes, they deal with:

  • with the finding of the leaflet,

  • the leaflet itself

  • and the resulting consequences.

Before questions and answers, Hubert Aiwanger wrote a preliminary remark, which we also document here.

Aiwanger's preliminary remark in the wording:

"I did not write the leaflet in question and consider it disgusting and inhumane then as now. It does not reflect my personal attitude then or now. The events referred to in this questionnaire date back about 36 years. I was 16 years old at the time. I would therefore like to point out that I do not remember many details today. In addition, the truthfulness of many allegations can no longer be established beyond doubt. Facts can no longer be completely reconstructed. Likewise, the interpretation and classification in the situational context is no longer possible. I regret if I have hurt feelings by my behavior in relation to the pamphlet or other accusations against me from my youth. I am appalled at how a document from my school days and the passing on of information from the protected space of school by a teacher is used to try to finish me off politically and personally. The publications from teachers' circles are a massive violation of Bavarian service law. I reserve the right to take legal action against the suspicious reporting with predominantly anonymous statements and the omission of exculpatory content.«

The list of questions:

To find the leaflet:

1. Why were the leaflets in your school bag? What did you want with it, why didn't you destroy/throw away the leaflets immediately?

I don't remember this process in detail. According to my brother, he believes that I collected the leaflets to de-escalate.

2. Did you distribute the leaflet?

See answer to question 1.

3. Why did the suspicion fall on you at that time?

This is beyond my knowledge.

4. How, why and by whom was your school bag searched?

As I recall, the school bag was opened in the secretariat in the presence of school staff. The leaflet or leaflets were withheld. I can't remember any details after 36 years.

5. How many copies of the leaflet were found in your school bag?

One or few.

About the leaflet itself:

6. On which typewriter was the leaflet written?

I am not aware of that. Probably on the typewriter of my parents' house. .

Who created the leaflet? Where and to whom should it be distributed?

According to his own statement, the leaflet was created by my brother due to his problematic school situation and his anger with teachers in order to provoke them. Where and to whom it was or should be distributed, I do not know.

8. How many copies of the leaflet were produced?

The leaflets were not created by me, I do not know the number of copies.

9. When and how did you become aware of your brother's alleged authorship?

I can't remember that.

10. Were you surprised when you saw the leaflet for the first time? How did you evaluate it at the time?

I was terrified.

11. Did you create the leaflet together with your brother? Why does the last sentence of the leaflet begin with "We", who is behind the "we" ("We hope for numerous participation")? Were there any other people involved in the production of the leaflet?

I was not involved in the creation of the leaflet. I can't answer the other questions.

12. Why does the leaflet mention Auschwitz, Dachau, etc., if your brother is said to have been angry about the school management, teachers and his sitter? Who was meant by "traitor to the people"?

I did not create the leaflet and did not participate in it. Therefore, I cannot answer the questions.

On the consequences of finding the leaflet at that time:

13. Were you the only one appointed director? Why? Has the matter been referred to the school's disciplinary committee?

I do not remember whether any other people were summoned as directors. I do not recall a possible meeting of the Disciplinary Committee.

14. Why did you take responsibility for the leaflet to the school management?

I don't know if and what responsibility I took on for the leaflet. After finding the leaflet in my school bag, I was threatened with the police. As a way out, I was offered to give a presentation. I responded to this under pressure. That was probably the end of the matter for the school.

15. Did you admit or admit to the school management that the leaflet came from you?

Reference is made to question 14.

16. Did you give the presentation imposed on you as a sanction?

As far as I remember, probably yes.

17. Why didn't you get a reprimand from the school management? Why weren't your parents involved, even though you were still a minor?

These questions can only be answered by the school management at the time.

18. Did you confront your brother with the leaflet? Have you made it clear to him why such content is absolutely out of the question? Has your brother shown insight?

My brother and I were in shock. The idea of a police visit to my parents' house scared me. Even in retrospect, my brother was ashamed of the abominable content and regretted it very much.

19. Why did your brother not commit to the leaflet then, but only now?

My brother was already in a difficult situation at the time due to his school problems and was afraid of dramatic consequences. Due to the current suspicions against me, my brother clarified the authorship.

20. Was your brother, who, according to him, had constant disagreements with teachers and was "sent to the headmaster for trifles", (also) suspected by the teachers?

This is beyond my knowledge.

21. Did your brother or you create leaflets more often? If so, on what topics?

I don't remember making leaflets when I was at school. I am not aware of any other leaflets from my brother.

22. Have there been any other incidents at school where disciplinary action has been taken against you? If so, which ones?

Apart from an incident in art class that has nothing to do with the current discussion, I don't remember anything (note: In general, care must be taken to ensure that the school shelter is not undermined. Pupils, parents and teachers must be able to rely on the fact that school internals are not brought into the public domain).

23. What conclusions did you draw from the matter for yourself at that time?

The incident was a drastic experience for me. He has initiated important thought processes.

24. What is your position on the accusation that your further behaviour or appearance during your school days also suggested a proximity to National Socialist ideas, which is why the suspicion fell on you (according to press reports, allegedly imitations of Hitler and his speeches, "Hitler beard")?

25. Have there been any other possible right-wing extremist activities in the past?

Questions 24 and 25 are answered together:

I also made mistakes as a teenager that I feel sorry for today. I regret if I have hurt feelings by my behavior in adolescence. However, mistakes from youth must not be blamed on a person for all eternity. Every human being must also be allowed a process of development and maturation.