Morocco: two holidaymakers killed, including a Franco-Moroccan, in the waters on the border with Algeria

Two holidaymakers, including at least one Frenchman, were killed this week in the waters on the border of the two countries. Another is currently imprisoned in Algeria. According to the testimony of the brother of one of the two victims, they were attacked by Algerian coast guards during a jet ski ride.

A jet ski near Beirut in Lebanon in 2018. © Bilal Hussein / AP

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With our correspondent in Rabat, Victor Mauriat

The story was revealed by the Moroccan press, which tells the story of four young people who went to have fun at sea on jet skis. After a day of walking in the area of Saidia, in the north-east of the country, they would have drifted at nightfall and would then have found themselves in Algerian waters, according to the testimony of one of the young men, the only one to have returned. It was there that they were approached by Algerian coast guards. They allegedly pointed them in the direction of the Moroccan coast before opening fire on the three jet skis that had resumed their journey.

In several videos circulating on social networks, we see the body of one of the young men floating near his craft. He is said to be Bilal Qissi, a 29-year-old Franco-Moroccan. According to the testimonies of his family published in particular on Facebook, he was buried Thursday, August 30 in Bin Drar, in the east of the kingdom.

As for the other two victims, one of them is incarcerated in Algeria – it is another Frenchman, explains the Quai d'Orsay. The Moroccan press claims that he was brought before a prosecutor and imprisoned. Finally, the last person is presumed dead according to the various testimonies, but his body has not been found. For the time being, neither the Moroccan nor the Algerian authorities wished to comment on the case.

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