Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the friendly and cooperative relationship between Japan and ASEAN=Association of Southeast Asian Nations, an event was held in Indonesia where start-up companies from Southeast Asia and other countries propose new businesses to Japanese companies.

The event, organized by the governments of Japan and Indonesia, was held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on September 9.

A total of eight companies, including major financial and distribution companies, presented new business themes that they wanted to tackle, and 1 startups from Southeast Asia and Japan selected through public recruitment proposed businesses that make use of their technologies.

Among them, a fintech company in Indonesia proposed to a Japanese credit card company a system that analyzes the transaction details of the bank account of a small and medium-sized enterprise that wants to receive a loan in a few minutes using AI = artificial intelligence, and greatly reduces the time required for screening.

ASEAN, also known as the "growth center of the world," is driven by local startups, especially in the digital sector, and the Japan government wants to strengthen cooperation in the startup sector.

Hiroshi Ishikawa, Executive Director of JETRO=Japan Trade Organization's Singapore Office, who hosted the event, said, "Startups in Southeast Asia have a lot of momentum, and I Japan would like Japan companies to adopt the speed of their movement. I was talking.