Various parties on social media platforms expressed their solidarity with Palestinian professor and writer Rabab Abdel Hadi, following news that San Francisco State University canceled its course on Palestine, in a move considered bias by the university administration towards Israel and the Zionist lobby organizations.

The social media account of the San Francisco State University's Academic Program for Arab and Muslim Diaspora Communities, founded and run by Professor Rabab since 2007, announced the "arbitrary" measure on August 19.

According to the organizers of the academic program, the university refused to offer Dr. Rabab Abdel Hadi's course entitled "Palestine from the Perspective of Ethnic Studies," and that it is trying to force her to teach subjects that do not fall under the academic program for studies of Arab and Muslim communities in the diaspora.

In a statement, they pointed out that the university has registered the name of another fellow to teach the subject "Colonialism, Imperialism and Resistance", which Dr. Rabab designed and taught since 1999.

San Francisco State University has cancelled courses scheduled for academic Rabab Abdel Hadi, a researcher in the Academic Program for Arab and Muslim Diaspora Studies (AMED) as part of the new year's study plan, in a move that adds to a series of ongoing incitement against the academy Abdel Hadi.

— Province (@Boycott4Pal) August 23, 2023

The statement described the university's move as "silencing voices and censorship of Palestine, and crystal clear conspiracy and collusion by San Francisco State University with Zionist and right-wing organizations."

He added that "the university administration is trying to destroy the academic program of studies of the Arab and Muslim community in the diaspora by canceling Dr. Rabab Abdel Hadi's courses and criminalizing the teaching of Palestine as an academic curriculum."

The program launched an online petition, which has collected hundreds of signatures so far, to urge the university to allow Dr. Rabab to teach the only course on Palestine in the program, and to reassign her to teach the course "Colonialism, Imperialism and Resistance" that was referred to another fellow.

Ask San Francisco State University to resume Dr. courses/lectures! @AbdulhadiRabab

Click on this link to send a ready-made email to university officials (just make sure to sign your name at the end):

📝 Also don't forget to sign the petition:

— AMED Studies (@AmedStudies) August 22, 2023

Since founding the academic program, Dr. Rabab has faced harassment from the San Francisco State University administration in creating a hostile environment against her, refusing to hire additional fellows to teach the program's courses, to pressure her to abandon his administration.

As part of her efforts to keep her program effective under her management, Dr. Rabab succeeded in winning the endorsement of the faculty committee in relation to a complaint she filed against the university administration that she violated her employment contract and academic freedom, and fostered a hostile work environment to pressure her to abandon her program.

Participants on social media platforms expressed their condemnation of the censorship of Dr. Rabab and her academic courses related to Palestine.

"Action for Palestine strongly condemns the decision of San Francisco State University to end the Palestine course and exclude Dr. Rabab Abdel Hadi from teaching her historic course on colonialism and imperialism," the Action for Palestine campaign and the Foundation wrote on its X account (formerly Twitter).

The Act for Palestine Foundation (APF) strongly condemns San Francesco University's decision to terminate the #Palestine course and to remove Dr. @AbdulhadiRabab's name from her historical course on colonialism and imperialism. #IsraeliCrimes#IsraeliTerrorism

— ACT 4 PALESTINE 🇵🇸 (@Act4pal1) August 22, 2023

The pro-Palestine student wing at the City University of New York called for the petition to be signed and widely shared, tweeting, "We stand in solidarity with Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi always and forever."

Sign the petition and share widely!

CUNY4Palestine stands in solidarity with Dr. Rabab Abdulhadi today and always! #WeStandwithRabab#Solidarity

— CUNY4Palestine (@Cuny4P) August 20, 2023