The United Nations has compiled a report that more than 200 people, including members of the government forces of former rivals, have been killed since the Islamist Taliban regained power in Afghanistan, and is calling on the Taliban to investigate and hold the perpetrators accountable.

This report was compiled by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan and released on the 22nd.

According to the report, since the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan in August 2021, at least 8 people, including former government soldiers and former government officials, have been killed without legal process by the end of June 2023.

Many of them were killed by security forces of the Taliban interim government.

There have also been reports of human rights abuses, in which Taliban officials tortured former government officials and others
to find out what they had done and
made phone calls threatening killing.

Since its reinstatement, the Taliban have emphasized their generosity to those in the previous regime, explaining that they will grant amnesty to all.

The report calls on the Taliban to investigate and hold perpetrators accountable, saying that "the interim government has an obligation to prevent human rights violations."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Taliban interim government posted on social media, saying, "The report is not true, and some parts of the UN are always looking for bad things about Afghanistan."