• Drug trafficking Antonio Tejón, one of the leaders of the Castaña clan, can be released if he pays 500,000 euros bail
  • Algeciras 'Los Castaña', a money laundering machine

Antonio Tejón, leader of the clan of drug traffickers of the Castaña clan, has left the maximum security prison of Botafuegos, in the Cadiz municipality of Algeciras, after paying a bail of 400,000 euros. An amount 100,000 euros lower than initially planned.

Tejón, who has remained in prison for the last three years, is awaiting the sentence of the macro-trial that for several months has been held in the Algeciras Section of the Provincial Court and in which, initially, there were more than 170 people accused.

For some weeks now, as published by EL MUNDO, the decision of the room to impose a bail, then 500,000 euros, so that both Tejón and the other four defendants who were imprisoned could go out on the street was known.

The lawyer Sara Borrego received the notification of the court and since then the objective has been to collect the money so that Tejón obtained freedom pending the final ruling. It should be remembered that the Public Ministry, which opposed this decision, although it has finally been executed, requests 12 and a half years in prison for one of the best-known drug traffickers in all of Spain.

Regarding the other three members of the organization, little has transpired about their future, although the initial bonds were of a smaller amount.

From the competent authorities there are no official demonstrations, although as this newspaper has learned, the decision, although it was expected, has been a hard blow for the representatives of justice and also for the members of the State Security Corps and Forces that, for years, have persecuted the two Tejón brothers. To this day, although pending trials and sentences, both are free.

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