New Zealand: artificial intelligence offers dangerous culinary recipes

In New Zealand, supermarket chain PaknSave launched an app in early June to help customers find inspiration to make recipes. Except that in recent days, several Internet users have had fun sharing on social networks far-fetched, even dangerous results.

A New Zealand app based on artificial intelligence offers dangerous recipes. © Pexels CC0 Kampus Production

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Mysterious meat stew " based on human flesh, "ant poison jam" or "flavored water mixture" with a hint of bleach. The perfect soft drink to quench your thirst and refresh, can we read on the site.

I asked the Pak 'n Save recipe maker what I could make if I only had water, bleach and ammonia and it has suggested making deadly chlorine gas, or - as the Savey Meal-Bot calls it "aromatic water mix"

— Liam Hehir (@PronouncedHare) August 4, 2023

The bartender and chef is called Savey Meal-Bot. An anti-waste solution that seems like a good idea on paper. According to a study conducted last year in the archipelago, each family throws away on average the equivalent of NZ$1,500 worth of food each year.

Except that this software, an extension of ChatGPT, has no logical sense and no taste buds either. His answers are assemblages of words from their huge database. It is enough that some terms have not been checked by a human or listed as undesirable and they can end up in the pot.

What the Savey Meal-Bot Terms of Use recommend is to rely on your own judgment. And now, the supermarket chain will refine its controls. The problem seems to have been partially resolved. Some products are no longer recognized by the robot.

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