Hong Kong, August 8 (Zhongxin Net) -- Zhu Xueling, general manager of Hong Kong Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., said on the 9th that the Hong Kong pet market is huge, with a market size of more than 9.18 billion yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below), and it is expected that the "Hong Kong Cat Fan Expo 2023" to be held this month will attract about 15,<> visitors.

The picture shows the press conference scene of the Hong Kong Cat Fan Expo. Photo courtesy of the organizer

The reporter learned from the press conference held by Hong Kong Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. on the 9th that the "Hong Kong Cat Fan Expo 2023" hosted by the company will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from August 8 to 25. This year's fair attracted 27 exhibitors and provided more than 130 booths, bringing together a variety of cat-themed products, including a number of international pet cat supply brands, as well as cultural and creative products, daily necessities, trendy toys and artworks. At the same time, the expo will also set up related theme lectures, art exhibition halls, cat fan cultural and creative markets and "shovel officer competition" and other activities, aiming to provide a platform for cat fans to communicate with the industry in an all-round way.

Zhu Xueling said that the pet market in Hong Kong is huge, with a market size of more than 18.<> billion yuan. At the same time, the number of cat households in Hong Kong continues to increase, and cats have become important members of many families. She added that as more and more citizens choose to keep pets, she believes that the demand for pets will continue to rise in the future, and pet-related cultural and creative products, trendy toys and artworks will also flourish with the growth of market demand.

Zhu Xueling mentioned that the expo has specially set up a "cat art gallery" with a collection of Western art works, and will display the 10-meter-long cat scroll Chinese painting "Hundred Cats" painted by the famous Chinese painter Li Yukai, fully displaying the different forms of cats; The exhibition area will also showcase the works of 8 other artists of different styles. She said that after the fair, 10% of the income from the art works related to the "Cat Art Gallery" will be donated to relevant animal protection institutions. (End)