More and more Swedes are living longer than 80 years and Luleå researcher Albin Dahlin Almevall has found out how to have a good life in old age.

The study started in 1999 and the participants have been interviewed, worn activity monitors and given blood samples.

– I have had coffee my way through Norrbotten with many rewarding conversations. The results show both how the individual can influence their healthy ageing and what society can do," says Albin Dahlin Almevall.

Home a decisive factor

52 of the participants were interviewed in depth about what gave them well-being in everyday life. It highlighted the importance of a social context, good health and a sense of freedom in order to feel at home.

"The fact that the elderly themselves can make decisions about such an important part as the home is absolutely crucial for well-being. Those who have been forced to move feel worse.

In the video, Albin tells us more about his exciting conversations with 80-plus people.