Thibault Hue / Photo credit: PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP 09:38, August 05, 2023

It could be one of the worst days of the summer in terms of traffic. But if Bison Futé sees black this Saturday, August 5, in the morning the traffic is not yet blocked. Despite the green light on the vast majority of motorways, holidaymakers will be more and more numerous on the roads and traffic jams should appear throughout the day.

In this first week of August, many French people cross the roads of France to reach their destination and enjoy their holidays. This Saturday, August 5, some difficulties are already to be noted on the A7 with more than 60 kilometers of traffic jams identified at the exit of Lyon. Slowdowns are also to be expected at Albon and Montélimar towards Marseille. It is therefore important to avoid the sun highway until the end of the day for southbound holidaymakers.

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Leaving the Paris region after lunch

In the west of the France, there is still time to take the A11 from Nantes to Le Mans. On the other hand, disruptions are announced on the road from 10 am this morning until 16 pm. This is also the case on the N165 in the Quimper-Nantes direction, where traffic is expected to become denser in the coming hours. In the direction of returns, an accordion traffic is to be expected at the exit of Bordeaux and at the entrance of the A10 towards Orleans. Slowdowns that will have to persist all morning.

In the Paris region, traffic is quite fluid, but should become denser during the day. It is therefore reasonable to leave as soon as possible to avoid future traffic jams. It is also advisable to leave after the lunch break to leave or cross the capital. As a reminder, it is recommended to take a break every two hours to avoid fatigue and the risk of accidents on the road.