Shenzhen Airport to build "air-sea combined transport"

Hong Kong people "going north" and mainland tourists have more choices for going to Hong Kong through Shenzhen

Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News (Reporter Cheng Zan, correspondent Shi Daoxiong) Recently, with the official resumption of flights between Shenzhen Airport Terminal and Hong Kong Airport Terminal, the number of water passenger routes between Shenzhen Airport Terminal and Hong Kong has increased to two, which can not only provide convenience for passengers to and from Hong Kong Airport through Shenzhen transit in the summer through "air-sea combined transport", but also better give full play to the location and route network advantages of the airport terminal and Shenzhen Airport, strengthen the interconnection between Shenzhen and other mainland cities and Hong Kong, and "go north" for Hong Kong people Visitors to Shenzhen and the Mainland provide more choices and convenience in their travel spending.

After the resumption of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Airport water passenger routes, Shenzhen Airport Terminal to Hong Kong Airport Haitian Terminal only takes 50 minutes one way, in the early days of resumption, the boat schedule is planned to be 4 in and 4 out per day, a total of 8 flights, passengers can check in and baggage check-in procedures at Shenzhen Airport Terminal, and do not need to enter Hong Kong after arriving at Hong Kong Airport, they can take a flight directly.

At present, Shenzhen Airport has two water routes to and from Hong Kong. Among them, the new passenger route to Hong Kong's China-Hong Kong City opened at the beginning of this year can directly reach downtown Hong Kong in 70 minutes, providing a new option for mainland passengers to travel directly to downtown Hong Kong through Shenzhen Airport and Hong Kong citizens to travel between Shenzhen and the airport.

"Since the summer vacation, many mainland tourists have arrived at Shenzhen Airport and taken a boat directly to Hong Kong, while the proportion of Hong Kong residents coming to Shenzhen by boat and then going to other cities in the Greater Bay Area has also increased on weekends." The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Airport Terminal introduced that in the first month of the summer Festival, the passenger volume transported by the China-Hong Kong City route increased significantly compared with before, with a monthly passenger flow of more than 6500,500 person-times, and the highest single-day passenger flow on weekends exceeded <>. (Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News)