"Since the launch of preferential mortgage programs, mortgages have become the driver of all consumer lending. The continuation of this trend is also indicated by the forecast of the Bank of Russia: the growth of mortgages this year is expected to be at the level of 17-21% with an increase in retail loans of 15-19%. In what month the mortgage will surpass the record of 2021 is not so important, given the fact that the regulator predicts an outstripping growth in housing lending compared to all consumer loans until 2026 inclusive (10-15% versus 8-13%)," the source said.

This means that the share of mortgages will continue to increase, and the record will be constantly updated.

"This, first of all, was influenced by preferential loan programs. But it is also necessary to note the increasingly noticeable price difference between the primary and secondary housing markets, which is why not only preferential mortgages, which are mainly focused on expensive new buildings, but also market loans for the purchase of cheaper secondary housing, are now growing, "the expert noted.

Earlier, the Central Bank of Russia predicted a record volume of mortgage issuance in 2023.