China News Network on July 7 Comprehensive foreign media reported on the 31st that after American entrepreneur Musk announced that the name of Twitter company was changed to "X", a huge and luminous "X" sign was recently erected on the roof of the Twitter headquarters building in San Francisco. However, this has upset San Francisco city officials and some residents.

Image source: Screenshot of a Reuters report

Reuters reported that for San Francisco, Musk's choice to let Company "X" stay in San Francisco may be a "good sign." The downtown San Francisco area is grappling with layoffs in the tech industry, the withdrawal of major retailers and shrinking tourism.

In this regard, Musk once wrote, "Beautiful San Francisco, although others have abandoned you, we will always be your friends." ”

The truth is that not all San Franciscoians welcome Musk. After Musk announced that the Twitter company would change its name to "X", the company installed a glowing "X" logo on the roof of the building on Market Street in San Francisco on the 28th. This annoyed some nearby residents, who complained that the lights were "dazzling".

Some netizens said that people were angry about the bright sign, imagine it "directly opposite your bedroom". Another netizen commented, "I'm just shocked by this blatant disregard for anyone." ”

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Building Inspection Authority is investigating the building, saying it may have violated permitting regulations. In a written report, prosecutors noted that Musk's company representatives twice denied officials access to the roof to inspect the signs.

San Francisco city officials also said permits are required to replace letters or symbols on buildings, or to erect signs on top of buildings, for design and safety reasons.