China News Network on July 7 Comprehensive report, on the 25th local time, billionaire and Twitter boss Musk replaced Twitter with a new logo, and the white X on the black background replaced the classic blue bird logo.

Image source: Musk social media screenshots

On the morning of the 23rd, Musk tweeted on his official account: "Soon we will say goodbye to Twitter's existing logo and gradually say goodbye to all bird logos." It then said it planned to change Twitter's default background color to black and launch a vote.

On the 24th, Twitter CEO Linda Yakarino posted an article announcing that the Twitter logo was officially changed to X. Musk also posted that's website has pointed to On the same day, Musk also posted a picture of the new icon "X" being projected onto the Twitter headquarters building, with the caption "Our headquarters tonight."

At present, the bird logo on Twitter has been replaced with the X logo, and the loading interface has also changed to a black and white color X color. Musk also asked netizens: Since "Twitter" will be called "X", what should the phrase "tweet" become?

Infographic: Musk.

Since Twitter's launch in 2006, the blue bird has been its exclusive logo, and the name Tweet is also taken from a bird call. The founders of the platform believe that the frequency of bird calls is short and fast, which is in line with the meaning of the platform.

CNN previously reported that Musk tried to replace the bird logo more than once after acquiring the platform in October 2022. In April, Musk briefly swapped Twitter's web version of the bird logo for the iconic Shiba Inu head of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, and the price of Dogecoin jumped more than 10% in response before switching back to the blue bird logo.

Regarding the Twitter relabel, Linda Yacarino said that Twitter has impressed people and changed the way people communicate, and now, "X" will go further.

Reuters said that since acquiring Twitter in 2022, Mark has said that the app he envisions should be able to provide users with various services beyond social media, such as peer-to-peer payments.

Musk has said that the acquisition of Twitter is to accelerate the creation of the universal app "X", arguing that "the acquisition of Twitter can speed up the process by three to five years."