Mayalène Trémolet, edited by Alexandre Dalifard / Photo credit: LOU BENOIST / AFP 14:19 pm, July 25, 2023

This Tuesday, while Emmanuel Macron is traveling in New Caledonia, his Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is visiting Le Havre to meet Édouard Philippe. During this day, the head of government is expected to make several announcements, including the development of the new Paris-Normandy line.

Chance of the calendar or meticulous planning of the communication of the Élysée? This Tuesday, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is in Normandy to visit the mayor of Le Havre, a certain Édouard Philippe. A name that was addressed by Emmanuel Macron in the morning during his trip to New Caledonia. The head of state believes that the former Prime Minister is one of those who could succeed him in 2027.

Several announcements expected

After greeting each other warmly on the steps of City Hall, Elisabeth Borne and Édouard Philippe exchange gifts, sweatshirt in the colors of Le Havre for her, Matignon medal for him. Afterwards, they spoke for half an hour before boarding a motorboat for a tour of the port that is coming to an end. The opportunity to address the themes of reindustrialization and ecological planning before the afternoon sequence that must be devoted to the university pole of the city of Le Havre. The Prime Minister is expected to make several announcements during the day, including the development of the new Paris-Normandy line or a check for 100 million euros for the creation of a new campus.

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But this visit has above all a symbolic dimension. For her first major trip since the reshuffle, Elisabeth Borne goes to the leader of Horizon. The former Prime Minister, who had supported behind the scenes in recent weeks his maintenance at Matignon while opening for her a new political sequence. It is above all an opportunity to mark the spirits and at the same time to support the words of Emmanuel Macron concerning Édouard Philippe. He who has not yet reacted to the praise of the head of state.