France: The train costs on average 2.6 times more than the plane, according to the NGO Greenpeace

While flying is the most polluting mode of transport, it is all too often the cheapest. The NGO Greenpeace publishes a comparison of train and plane ticket prices in Europe, at a time when many Europeans go on holiday. We understand that it is difficult to convince travellers to opt for a green mode of transport.

A Renfe train, Spain's national airline, at Lyon Part Dieu station, July 6, 2023. © Olivier Chassignole / AFP

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Why pay 322 euros to connect Paris to Valencia in Spain, by train when you can make the same trip by plane for 26 euros and save 8 hours at the same time? Difficult for rail to compete. On average, according to the environmental NGO, travelling by train across Europe costs twice as much as by plane.

In Europe, the train is on average 2 times more expensive than the plane 😨

For the climate, we must make the train accessible to all!

For + info, the @GreenpeaceCEE report is available here:

— Greenpeace France (@greenpeacefr) July 20, 2023

There are two explanations for this, for Greenpeace. The first is unfair taxation. The NGO denounces the tax exemptions on kerosene, the absence of VAT on international flights and the subsidies enjoyed by airlines. The second concerns the train this time. A journey through Europe involves several railway companies. This means buying separate tickets for each of them, as prices vary depending on the country where you buy them. Enough to quickly increase the bill.

Greenpeace is therefore calling for an end to tax giveaways for airlines and instead for imposing contributions to offset their climate and environmental impact. To encourage postponement to the train, it recommends banning short-haul flights when there is a reasonable alternative by train, i.e. a journey of less than 6 hours. And to introduce a European ticketing system, to facilitate travel across the continent.

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