Kommunal's latest survey shows high figures on how inadequate staffing is perceived during the summer periods. Only three percent responded that they perceive staffing as good.

Camilla Johansson, elderly care manager at Jönköping municipality, does not really think that this picture fits into Jönköping in particular.

"As it looks now, we are doing our job," Johansson says.

Is there a shortage of staff in elderly care?

"It's not fewer than normal, then someone can always get sick or something. But in planning, we have not been on the low side, says the elderly care manager.

More than half want to leave elderly care

Kommunal's latest report also shows that over half of those who work in elderly care want to leave the profession. David Svensson, section chairman of the health and social care section in Kommunal Jönköping, thinks that the level of ambition needs to be raised and that the municipalities need to listen more to the employees.

"What you need to do is read our reports and listen to our feedback. Politicians also need to take greater responsibility and not be afraid to invest," says Svensson.

Hear more about what Kommunal thinks needs to be done in the clip above.