Two agents of the Municipal Police saved the life last Thursday in Lavapiés (Madrid) to a 37-year-old Portuguese tourist who after having consumed synthetic drugs and alcohol became unconscious and breathless and suffered a cardiac arrest. The police were the first to arrive at the warning and thanks to the portable defibrillator they carried in the car they were able to resuscitate the woman.

A patrol of the Municipal Police of Madrid of the Police Station of Centro Sur, was finishing a routine service in the area of Lavapiés when it received an urgent warning about 06.20 hours last Thursday morning. A young Portuguese man ran towards them and asked for help. At first, the municipal police believed that he had been robbed, but he immediately told them that a friend of the apartment was not breathing and that she was there nearby in her apartment on Tribulete Street, 25.

Two Municipal Police patrols composed of two officers and two policemen moved to the apartment, and immediately assumed the intervention, at the same time that they called the health services. The first thing they did was take her out of bed, put her on the floor of the supine cubite room and open her airway. After that, they began the emergency health maneuver of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), since he was unconscious and did not breathe or have a pulse.

Continuing with the maneuvers to save his life and before what he suspects that he had suffered a cardiac arrest, the agents began a massage in the heart area and put the rapid treatment with the medical device called automatic external defibrillator (AED), which they carried in the patrol radio, while the services of the Summa and Samur came, which arrived after about 15 or 20 minutes. Once there, the health workers continued with the resuscitation, which they finally achieved after 10 minutes. The tourist was stabilized and transferred alive to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation Hospital around 07.20 hours.

Both the health workers and the witnesses stated that, thanks to the rapid police intervention and their knowledge of first aid, the situation of cardiorespiratory arrest in which the woman was was reversed. "She has gone from being practically dead to being alive 30 minutes later with the final intervention of the Summa and Samur," said one of the woman's friends.

When the agents accompanied the health workers to the ambulances, helping them to collect all the technical material deployed, the medical team congratulated the municipal police for the quick and effective intervention.

According to the agents acting at the Centro Sur Police Station, the victim had come to Madrid along with three friends to a rental apartment to spend a few days. That night he had consumed a lot of alcohol and a certain amount of MDMA, a synthetic drug that acts as a stimulant and hallucinogen. According to his roommates, when he arrived after having been partying at night, he collapsed in a fulminating way, after which one of them ran away, fortunately meeting the Municipal Police.

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