"Return the blue sky and white clouds and twinkling stars to the common people", "Return the scene of clear water and green banks and shallow bottom of fish to the people", "Keep the idyllic scenery of birds and flowers for the common people"...

From winning the blue sky defense battle to water pollution prevention and control, soil pollution prevention and control, and rural living environment improvement, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that solving outstanding ecological and environmental problems should be regarded as a priority area for people's livelihood.

The words of the general secretary are said in the hearts of the people. Let's follow the satellite perspective to see the ecological changes in various parts of our country over the years.

[The general secretary said so]

Resolutely winning the battle to defend the blue sky is the top priority, and it is necessary to take a significant improvement in air quality as a rigid requirement, strengthen joint prevention and control, basically eliminate heavily polluted weather, and return the blue sky and white clouds and twinkling stars to the people.

【Data changes】

Air quality is directly related to the well-being of ordinary people. In the past ten years in the new era, the fight against pollution has gnawed one hard bone after another, and China has become the fastest country in the world to improve air quality. In 2022, the proportion of days with good air quality in cities at the prefecture level and above nationwide will reach 86.5%, and the proportion of heavily polluted days will drop to less than 1% for the first time.

【Changes in local ecology】

In 2017, Shangang Group Jigang Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Jinan Iron and Steel Plant) shut down all steel production lines. With the green transformation of Jigang and other enterprises, the spring city of Jinan, which is "lotus flowers on all sides, willows on three sides, one city and half a city lake", has gradually got rid of the haze, and there are more and more blue sky and white clouds.

[The general secretary said so]

It is necessary to thoroughly implement the action plan for the prevention and control of water pollution, ensure the safety of drinking water, basically eliminate the black and odorous water bodies in the city, and return the scene of clean water and green banks and shallow bottom of fish to the people.

【Data changes】

Water is the foundation of survival and the source of civilization. Coordinating the management of water resources, water environment and water ecology, rivers and lakes have changed their appearance. In 2022, the proportion of excellent cross-sections of surface water quality in the country will rise to 87.9%, which is close to the level of developed countries. The proportion of excellent water quality in coastal waters in China reached 81.9%.

【Changes in local ecology】

In the new era, the water quality of Taihu Lake has remained stable and Class IV. All 15 major rivers flowing into the lake reached or exceeded Class III., of which 4 reached Class II. In 2022, the occurrence, area and density of cyanobacteria in Taihu Lake were the second lowest since 2016, and the number of abnormal water occurrences was the lowest in the past 10 years.

[The general secretary said so]

It is necessary to fully implement the soil pollution prevention and control action plan, highlight key areas, industries and pollutants, strengthen soil pollution control and restoration, effectively prevent risks, and let the people eat and live with peace of mind.

【Data changes】

In 2019, China's first soil pollution prevention and control law came into force, providing a legal guarantee for soil pollution prevention and control. Over the years, China has built a national soil environment monitoring network covering 8,90 points, achieving full coverage of all counties (cities and districts) of soil environmental quality monitoring points; With the simultaneous implementation of "source rectification" and "safe utilization", the safe utilization rate of contaminated cultivated land and the safe utilization rate of polluted land plots nationwide exceeded <>%.

【Changes in local ecology】

Baiping Village, Jinsha County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, was full of large and small sulfur factories 30 years ago, and the sulfur content index of some land seriously exceeded the standard, and the crops planted by surrounding farmers were seriously affected, and the ecological environment was seriously damaged. Since 2013, after years of environmental governance and ecological restoration, Baiping Village now has a forest coverage rate of 75%, developed 8000,<> mu of Chinese medicinal materials planting, and gradually realized the transformation of "sulfur mining area" from "black impression" to "green tone", from "mining area scar" to "Chinese medicinal materials park".

[The general secretary said so]

It is necessary to continue to carry out actions to improve the rural living environment, create beautiful villages, and retain the idyllic scenery of birds and flowers for the people.

【Data changes】

By the end of 2021, the penetration rate of rural sanitary toilets in China exceeded 70%, the proportion of natural villages where rural household waste was collected and transported remained stable at more than 90%, and the phenomenon of random discharge of rural domestic sewage was basically controlled. In 2022, the penetration rate of piped water in rural areas nationwide reached 87%. All localities combine the excavation of the original ecological village style with the introduction of modern elements to create a modern version of the "Fuchun Mountain House Map" with its own characteristics.

【Changes in local ecology】

Thanks to the guidance of the "Ten Million Project", over the years, Xiajang Village, Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province, has changed from a "poor ravine" to a "green and rich beauty", walking in the village, but seeing the distant mountains and rivers, the stone roads are spotless, and the small buildings are jagged. At present, the forest coverage rate of Xiajiang Village exceeds 90%, and it has successfully created a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot.

"I hope that the blue sky, green mountains, and green water will always be there, so that children can live in a good ecological environment..." General Secretary Xi Jinping has said this affectionately more than once.

A good ecological environment is the most inclusive people's livelihood and well-being. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, China has unswervingly taken the path of green development, and the beautiful China of harmonious coexistence between man and nature is turning from a blueprint into a reality.

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