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One of the richest women in the world: Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie was the victim of an attack by climate activists

Photo: Steve Eichner / WWD / Penske Media / Getty Images

Spanish environmental activists from the group "Futuro Vegetal" smeared the luxury yacht of Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie (72) with paint on Sunday in Ibiza. Videos posted by the activists on Twitter show two people spraying the stern of the ship with red and black paint.

On social media, the activists also shared images showing two young men standing in front of the attacked ship, holding up a sign that reads "You consume, others suffer." The group wanted to criticize capitalism and the privileges of the super-rich with its actions, the group said. Earlier, the activists in Ibiza had already smeared a private jet and a Lamborghini with paint.

Nancy Walton Laurie is among the richest women in the world. Forbes magazine estimates the Walmart heiress's fortune at around 8.7 billion US dollars (7.75 billion euros). According to media reports, the US billionaire bought her 110-metre-long luxury yacht Kaos in 2018 for around 300 million US dollars. The yacht has already been moored several times for work at the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg.

"Last Generation" Attacks the Rich

In Germany, too, yachts and private jets have recently been targeted by climate activists. At the end of June, members of the Last Generation sprayed paint on a yacht in Neustadt in Holstein. In addition, they dyed the water in the marina green with a dye.

On the island of Sylt, the group sprayed paint on a private plane. Previously, the climate protection initiative had announced targeted actions against "the rich".

With their actions, the Last Generation wants to draw attention to the fact that rich people produce significantly more carbon dioxide with their lifestyle than ordinary citizens. So far, it has attracted attention mainly with road blockades and attacks on art objects.