• This is life Gabriela Guillén reveals Bertín Osborne's reaction to her pregnancy: "I cried the day I found out I was pregnant"
  • And now Sonsoles Bertín Osborne explodes live by criticism: "We are not irresponsible"

Bertín Osborneis upset by the media coverage after the news of Gabriela Guillén's pregnancycame to light, with whom he will be a father again. The presenter posted a video on Instagram on Saturday, July 15 to express his outrage and denounce the harassment they are suffering.

"I have been in this profession for more than 40 years and I have never experienced a more brutal harassment than the one we are experiencing these days ... But what is happening to you? We have already said what has happened. I have at the door of my house several cars that cross on a narrow secondary road, with the danger for people coming," he said. He also pointed out that the businesswoman does not leave her house because of the reporters and cameras that wait for her.

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Elderly parents.

Bertín, Jagger, Dragó, Cano... The 'semen of strength' blesses them until the Bible


Bertín, Jagger, Dragó, Cano... The 'semen of strength' blesses them until the Bible

The My House is Yoursdriver shared, "I thought this was over a bit. I understand that you speak it and that you comment on it, but I have read and seen unusual things... The fact that we are now estranged cannot give the green light to harassment that, in some cases, I am sure is even reportable. You can't live like this. It's going to cost her an illness or worse. His hands are shaking, he can't go outside. But what is happening to you?"

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The artist then addressed some presenters of Telecinco and Antena 3: "You know me all those who make television programs. We've worked together or some of you are even friends of mine." He named Sandra Barneda, Sonsoles Ónega, María Patiño and Emma García before referring to the "speculations" they make in different formats: "They say he wanted to hunt me. That's not true. The relationships are two. I am already older than a forest. I am not fooled by anyone who deceives me."

The singer sent a message to Patiño, who had announced on Viernes Deluxethat Socialitewas going to uncover the alleged romance that Osborne would have maintained with another woman while he was with Gabriela Guillén: "They have deceived you. You will have paid for a story that is a lie. I haven't been with anyone else. It's amazing that you can sneak it that way... Beware of fake news, you know the precedents that have been. Let's not start with this again."

Bertín mentioned Mercedes Milá, who had harshly criticized him for his statements about his future paternity. "Everyone wants to give their opinion without knowing and without knowing the history, even though they know me a lot, like Mercedes Milá, whom I admire and respect ... Do we really have to continue like this?" he said.

In addition, he explained that his ex-wife Fabiola Martínez, collaborator of Y Ahora Sonsoles, and he never talk about their relationships: "He has never gotten into anything. Why do you ask him uncomfortable questions that he no longer knows how to answer?" Osborne concluded: "Examine your conscience. There is no right to this, you cannot live like this. We haven't killed anyone... Let's see if there is good sense. There is no more. Let us breathe a little, please."

María Patiño's response

María Patiño responded to Bertín Osborne's message on Socialité on July 15. She stressed that she has defended Gabriela Guillén, while other people have labeled her as interested: "I should give the names, since it gives mine and that of other companions, of the men and women who have made this type of disqualification towards this girl."

He also assured that he respects the artist and reacted to his warning about fake news: "Of course they have consequences, I dedicate myself to this. This program has managed to contrast this news." In addition, he considered the possibility of contacting him. " Maybe I'll call him personally and explain how we got this information. We haven't paid... I have no problem telling you what I know and how a colleague did what he had to do: contrast, confirm and have the proof, "he said.

Emma Garcia's response

Emma Garcia also replied to Osborne on Saturday, July 15 from Fiesta: "I haven't spoken yet." The host of the Telecinco magazine was sympathetic to him: "I understand that he is talking about different presenters, colleagues and friends and includes me with all the affection. I haven't taken it badly at any time." The Basque stressed: "You don't have to put us all in the same bag because here everyone has their program, their editors and their directors."

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