A 16-year-old boy has died and six other people have been injured in a fire that occurred early Sunday morning in the Biscayan town of Barakaldo.

As reported by the Basque Department of Security, the fire began at 2:45 am in a building on Portu Street. The structure of the building, with four floors, is made of wood and the fire took on great intensity.

Four adults and two minors were taken to the hospitals of Cruces and San Eloy, both in Barakaldo, and there was also one missing person.

When the fire was put out, the lifeless body of the missing child, aged 16, was found inside.

Firefighters remain at the scene of the fire because of the risk of collapse of the building and have begun investigations to determine the origin of the fire.

A witness told Radio Euskadi that the flames swept through the wooden staircase of the building and that several residents, including some minors, had to jump from the windows.

The Local Police of Barakaldo, in collaboration with the firefighters of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, has evicted four buildings and the affected families have been transferred to the Larrea school to spend the night.

The family of the deceased child has been attended at all times by municipal services, teams of psychologists and the mayor, Amaia del Campo, who moved to Auzolan Square.

During the morning, firefighters and local police continue to work to ensure safety in the damaged building and the adjoining ones.

The building in which the fire has occurred, which presents a risk of collapse and will be left empty, will be inspected by municipal architects to check the structure when firefighters secure the area.

The City Council of Barakaldo has convened a Board of Spokesmen to determine the actions to be taken by the City Council.

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