Mass cancellations, purchased verification checkmarks and advertisers pulling out. A lot has happened since billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk took over the social media platform Twitter.

The latest change limits the number of tweets a user can read in a day. Something that Brit Staktson, media strategist, does not believe will benefit the platform.

"This is not something that strengthens Twitter as a brand or advertising platform and it must still be serious for Twitter in the long term," she said.

Favors the one with subscription

Elon Musk writes that the new rules are temporary, and that they have been put in place to counter "extreme levels of data collection and system manipulation". But Brit Stakston believes it's more about his private war against Chat GPT and data collection.

"He refers to an alleged extreme data collection and simply imposes more and more restrictions that offer those who have a subscription to read more tweets.

This spring, the subscription service Twitter Blue was introduced, which allows users to pay to be verified and access various premium features. At the same time, nearly 80% of the workforce has been laid off or resigned since Elon Musk bought Twitter, which in turn has led to many advertisers dropping out.

"Obvious problems"

Brits Stakston believes that Musk's focus on increasing ad revenue may also be related to the new restrictions.

– He tries to highlight the benefits of buying subscriptions, but at the same time the site suffered from obvious problems after the technology side has decreased in the number of employees. The fact that so many people disappear from services that deal with technology and security can have these kinds of consequences, she says, adding:

"To get profitability, Elon Musk urgently needs to get this ad deal moving, but this will only undermine it.