Hong Kong, 7 Jul (Zhongxin Net) -- In a recent exclusive interview with the "Hong Kong and Macao Drawing Room" of China News Network, Hong Kong Chief Executive Li Jiachao said that Hong Kong itself is attractive, and with the mainland, the attraction is even greater.

Since taking office, Li Jiachao and his team have visited frequently. He believes that after the epidemic, Hong Kong has a lot of space and great opportunities. Hong Kong shares a common development aspiration with ASEAN, which has good relations, and can cooperate for win-win results in financing, trade and shipping. In February, he went to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to develop the market and achieved good results.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu was interviewed by China News Network's "Hong Kong and Macao Meeting Room". Photo by Li Zhihua

Li Jiachao said that connecting the world and backing the motherland, this important channel is a great attraction for foreign countries. Hong Kong itself is attractive, plus the Mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, plus the market of the whole country, the attraction is even greater.

Speaking about the integrated development of Hong Kong and the mainland, Lee Ka-chiu said that he attaches great importance to integrating into the overall development of the country, and requires that he be proactive, not passive. In integrating into this concept, the most important thing is to come up with the best things, we complement each other and benefit each other.

Li Jiachao said in a metaphor, I go the fastest, he walks the farthest, the other jumps the highest, add up, we go far, go fast, and jump high, this is mutual benefit and win-win.

He also mentioned that now the whole society in Hong Kong is more united, and Hong Kong wants to talk about security and stability, as well as development and happiness, among which the common will for development is the strongest. "I feel very encouraged, and the society as a whole agrees with the direction that the government is leading them to take now." He said that this means focusing on development, fully integrating with the mainland and integrating with the world. (End)