• In Malaga Sentenced to 21 months in prison for fraud Carlo Costanzia, son of Mar Flores

Very hard blow for Mar Flores. While it is true that the model has been toreando headlines and controversies of all kinds for years, the last one has surpassed all her previous dislikes since the protagonist is not her but her eldest son, the actor Carlo Costanzia. After several months making headlines having been accused of fraud, this week it has been known that the actor has been sentenced to 21 months in prison and that, despite being a lesser sentence of 24 months, he will enter prison for having different criminal records in his police record.

24 hours later than expected and visibly distressed, Mar entered live in the program Y ahora Sonsoles de Sonsoles Ónega to offer her first statements live (on Wednesday itself when the news was published she had spoken with the magazine ¡Hola!). "I received the news of the sentence a few days ago and I face it with a lot of serenity and tranquility but with a lot of disgust," began the former model. Despite the fact that the sentence is firm and that there is evidence against the young Italian, Flores assures that he fully trusts him and that he is paying the price of being a popular person: "I firmly believe that my son is innocent. They have used him as a well-known person and as what a good person he is."

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Without denying anything that was being said, Laura Matamoros' aunt stressed the pain that what was happening was generating for her as a mother, not only of Carlo but of her other four children. "Everything that is published is true, everything that is published about children hurts, that children hurt more than the things that happen to oneself. Yesterday I had to sit my young children down and explain to them the problem we have with their older brother."

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Aware of the example she must and wants to set as a mother, the Madrilenian assured that she went out of her way to transmit strength and values to all her offspring and that she hoped that what happened would not prevent that, in the future, Costanzia "can develop as a person and as a professional with the same rights that any person has".

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