China News Network, June 6 Question: Jiang Yu: State-owned enterprises will be the main force in answering questions in the "second half of the examination" of modernization

Zhongxin Finance by Hua Zhuoma

"There are many questions in the modern 'second half of the exam' that others do not have answers." Jiang Yu, a researcher at the International Knowledge Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said at the theme forum of "Modern New State-owned Enterprises" at the 28 China-Singapore Finance Mid-Year Conference on the 2023th that in the past, we have proved that socialism with Chinese characteristics can create the same development achievements as capitalism; In the next thirty years, we have to solve problems that others have not yet answered, and state-owned enterprises are obviously the main force in this process.

Jiang Yu said that modern new state-owned enterprises should adapt to the goal of Chinese-style modernization. At all stages since the founding of New China, state-owned enterprises have played the role of mainstays, but the way state-owned enterprises and state-owned economies play a role at each stage is different. During the planned economy period, we relied on the state-owned economy to concentrate our efforts to do great things, gave priority to the development of heavy industry, and built a rare, complete and independent industrial system in the world. After the reform and opening up, the theme of state-owned enterprise reform is to adapt to the market economy, and the combination of public ownership and market economy is also groundbreaking in the history of human economy. The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward and systematically expounded the major theoretical and practical issue of Chinese-style modernization.

Video: Jiang Yu: State-owned enterprises will be the main force in the "second half of the exam" of modernizationSource: China News Network

"China's modernization" includes five characteristics: a huge population, common prosperity for all the people, harmony between material and spiritual civilization, harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and a path of peaceful development. Jiang Yu said that from the perspective of the whole world, the West's modernization road has generally failed to answer these five questions, and China's central enterprises have taken the lead in answering these five questions.

Why can't Western countries answer these five questions well? Jiang Yu said that in the final analysis, the modernization of the West is centered on capital, which cannot solve the problems of hollowing out the real economy, polarization, ecological destruction, global turmoil, and hegemonism, while the institutional advantages of China's state-owned economy itself are conducive to embodying "people-centered" and concentrating forces to do big things, which can break through some problems existing in Western modernization.

"The system of state-owned enterprises can better solve the blindness of the market and can solve the problem of universal public service supply." Jiang Yu said that in general, on the one hand, modern new state-owned enterprises contribute to modernization, on the other hand, they are also the embodiment of many essence factors in the new form of Chinese-style modernization and human civilization. (End)