"Today marks the 78th anniversary of the march of Spanish volunteers to the USSR not only to fight communism, but to defend the Cross and freedom in Europe. Luckily today his heirs do not carry weapons but, as they would say, we are in the trenches." This phrase, accompanied by an image of three soldiers of the Blue Division – who swore "loyalty to Hitler in the fight against communism" – can be read on the Instagram account of Pedro Jesús Espada, councilor with Ramón Muñoz Álvarez, of the two that the party Make Nation, located to the right of Vox, has obtained in the town of Velilla de San Antonio in the Community of Madrid.

Hacer Nación is a party ("nationalist" on the political level and "social" on the economic level, they are defined) that emerged in 2020 as a split from España 2000, the far-right party founded by the former president of the National Association of Businessmen of Alternate Premises, José Luis Roberto Navarro, alias El Cojo among his comrades.

The formation with representation in Velilla debuted electorally in the elections of 28-M, presenting in its lists old acquaintances of the Madrid extreme right, such as Espada and Muñoz themselves, who until the middle of the last legislature had been councilors under the baton of El Cojo. Both, along with historical figures of the motto "Spaniards first" such as Sandro Algaba of San Fernando de Henares, took advantage of the pandemic to found Hacer Nación without giving up their town hall seats.

Despite having its germ in the Valencian Community, it was in the municipalities of the Corredor del Henares where its predecessor, España 2000, reaped its best electoral results during the first two decades of this century, even achieving representation in localities such as Alcalá (two legislatures ago) or to take over the mayoralty of Los Santos de la Humosa, after the 2019 elections, thanks to a pact with the PP and Vox to overcome the PSOE, which was the most voted formation.

"These are municipalities with low incomes and an important immigrant community. His speech penetrated during the crisis among the most desperate people, but Vox has been eating the toast in almost all towns, except here, in Velilla, where its councilors are well known, "say progressive sources in the town.

With Espada and Muñoz turned into its main visible faces, the ultra formation wields a message "practically traced to that of Spain 2000, but with some novelty, such as the rejection of the UN 2030 Agenda or a marked transphobic discourse," say the same sources. Espada himself launched from his Twitter profile: "The society in which we Europeans live: you are attacked by three blacks and they only see you on social networks, while you can be left without a job, even go to jail for calling a man with a skirt and heels a 'gentleman'", in relation to the recent discrimination suffered by a trans woman in a supermarket.

This is not the first racist pronouncement. "In a democratic country, the population would have been consulted if we want a mantero to be a deputy. Also, in a democratic country, we could have voted if we want the quotas of African immigrants that we must accept. Our democracy is not yours," he wrote of former MP Serigne Mbayé.

Last weekend, Espada himself participated in the conspiratorial demonstration against the 2030 Agenda and the "pedophile elite". In addition, he intervened in an act of the association Facta, which on April 20, coinciding with the birthday of Adolf Hitler, held a talk entitled The best work of an unfairly valued painter, on the policies of the leader of Nazi Germany.

Months ago, his colleague Sandro Algaba appeared in the photo of an official tribute to Maria Dugina at the Russian Embassy in Spain, who published on his social networks a message thanking her for her presence. In addition, on November 20, Hacer Nación organized an act of support for the tsarist association Águila Bicéfala (controlled and founded by the Oligarch of God, Konstantin Malofeev), which in turn organized in Moscow a tribute to Franco and Primo de Rivera.

During the next weekend, they will celebrate a new edition of their self-styled "university", with prominent European ultras as guests. A "university" that is promoted with a boxing video and for which, in its January edition, the brother of the Minister of Consumer Affairs and former head advisor of Carlos Sánchez in the Madrid Consistory, Eduardo Garzón, who canceled his attendance after apologizing and learning "who they were", was confirmed as a speaker.

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