During the pandemic, Indra Åkerblom and Joel Larsson decided to buy a van, rebuild the vehicle into a motorhome and hit the roads around Europe.

Both are originally from Gothenburg and have just bought a property outside Tyngsjö in Västerdalarna, but still live in their converted motorhome – or campervan as it is also called.

– We have noticed that several friends have chosen to get campervans, but also that "just throw a mattress in the trunk" has become bigger. It is also noticeable that more people come to campervan meetings, says Indra Åkerblom.

"Everything works out"

They have been through several setbacks related to life in the motorhome, such as when the entire engine collapsed. But all the challenges have also taught them a lot of things.

"Everything works out and by now we have become quite tough when it comes to challenges," says Indra Åkerblom.

"A tip is to borrow a campervan and test if it's something for you" – see more from Indra and Joel's converted van in the video.