American duo Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg not only competed in the list of the world's richest people, or owned the most influential social networks, but they decided to take the competition to the ring.

The story began with Facebook's owner Meta recently announcing its intention to launch a new platform to compete with Twitter. Musk responded with a tweet on Thursday in which he criticized that all social media platforms are under Mark's control, only for a follower to warn him sarcastically not to transgress Mark's right, because he trains in Jiu-Jitsu.

Musk replied, "I'm ready to fight in the cage if he's ready."

I'm up for a cage match if he is lol

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 21, 2023

The owner of "Meta" took it seriously, to answer through his Instagram account, "Send me the location," and then he chose the "Vegas Octagon" circuit, located in the American city of Las Vegas.

This is Zuck's story on insta right now.

Simulation confirmed ✅


— Penny2x (@imPenny2x) June 22, 2023

Vegas Octagon

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 22, 2023

The highly anticipated site took the lead on the global stage, with many expressing their anticipation of the rare event, amid a torrent of sarcastic comments that Musk himself reacted to.

Tweeters were divided between cheering for the duo, while some martial arts stars offered support and training to Elon Musk and encouraged him to fight the much-anticipated fight.

An @ElonMusk vs. #MarkZuckerberg UFC fight could actually happen — and it would be the BIGGEST fight in the history of the world, according to #UFC Prez @DanaWhite.

— TMZ (@TMZ) June 22, 2023

Dana White, president of the Mixed Martial Arts Organization, commented that the upcoming fight between the duo will be the largest ever and may be among the most watched in history, noting that the proceeds of the match will go to charity.

White confirmed that he had reached out to the duo, who expressed their full seriousness and keenness to complete it.

Zuckerberg is famous for his training in Jiu-Jitsu, where he participates in tournaments for the game, and posts footage of his training continuously on his Instagram account, while Musk practices some different martial arts.

Elon Musk, 51, has a net worth of $236 billion and about 330 million people use his Twitter platform per month, while Mark Zuckerberg, 39, has a net worth of $99.9 billion and has about 2.9 billion monthly subscribers on Facebook, owned by his company "Meta".