The gunman suffered serious injuries but survived the shots from the automatic weapon. The district court agrees with the prosecutor and considers the crime to be worth long prison sentences. Due to security reasons, the main hearing, which lasted several days, had to be held in a security room at the Gothenburg District Court.

According to the district court, the penalty for the crimes is 18 years in prison, but because the shooter and one of the people who ordered the murder are so young, under the age of 18, the punishment will be three years of closed juvenile detention. The other instigator gets 12 years in prison because he was recently convicted of another crime.

The others were convicted of aiding and abetting attempted murder and aggravated weapons offences.

"It has been a case of gang-related violence and the district court takes the incident seriously, especially in light of the recklessness of shooting with assault rifles on the open street where there was a significant risk that more than the intended targets would be injured," says Lena Berlin, alderman.

The prosecutor has presented written evidence of intercepted conversations, text messages and audio recordings, but the district court believes that in some cases this is not enough to convict all the defendants and therefore three are acquitted.

This is what SVT Nyheter Skåne reported after the shooting:

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In the video clip you will hear four Hässleholm residents about recent developments in Hässleholm. Photo: Firas Razak Tuma/SVT