Hong Kong, 6 June (ZXS) -- When the Chinese women's volleyball team meets the Hong Kong policewoman -- remember a friendly exchange match

China News Agency reporter Han Xingtong

At 21 o'clock on the 16st, the score displayed on the electronic screen above the gymnasium of the Hong Kong Police Officers' Club had reached 14:8, which was the decisive point of a special game, and the Chinese women's volleyball team was ahead. The stadium fell silent, and everyone waited with bated breath for the serve of the Chinese women's volleyball team. The ball was thrown high, the main attacker smashed straight line, crisp and neat, only heard a "bang" in an instant, the ball landed, and the Chinese women's volleyball team won the game without suspense.

The stadium was boiling, and amid the slogans of "Chinese women's volleyball cheers" and "Chinese women's volleyball I love you", members of various disciplined forces from Hong Kong in the audience struggled to beat two "pumping sticks" in their hands, one red and one blue, and made a "human wave".

If you look closely, you will find that the Under Secretary for Security of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Cheuk Hau Yip, as well as the Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force Siu Chak-yee, and the Commissioner of Fire Services Yeung En-kin, are also among them, also waving "cheering sticks" with a smile on their faces.

After the 2023 Women's World Volleyball League in Hong Kong, China, the Chinese women's volleyball team continued to visit Hong Kong and came to the police officers' club on the same day to exchange and play friendly matches with the joint team composed of personnel from Hong Kong's five disciplined forces.

The weekdays are serious and professional Sir (Hong Kong's common name for male police officers) and Madam (Hong Kong's common name for female police officers), after seeing the Chinese women's volleyball team, they are like small fans, competing to raise their hands to ask questions, and many people have said the same sentence: "I have watched women's volleyball matches since I was a child, and I have liked women's volleyball since I was a child." The female volleyball players couldn't help but be amused after hearing this, and the police officers were also very concerned about the training and diet of the female volleyball players in Hong Kong.

Chinese women's volleyball player Gong Xiangyu said that this is the first time to come to Hong Kong after the epidemic, and every time she comes to Hong Kong, she can feel the support and enthusiasm of Hong Kong fans, she is very touched and proud, and she hopes to respond to everyone's love through her performance on the court.

Team member Li Yingying said that this time in Hong Kong, the schedule is tight and there is no opportunity to go out, and she hopes to have the opportunity to come to Hong Kong again to taste local food in the future, and wants to go to popular attractions to "check in".

Cai Bin, the head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, said in an interview that the Chinese women's volleyball team is actively striving to qualify for the Paris Olympic qualification tournament in September and aims to win the championship in the Hangzhou Asian Games. He believes that the recent World Women's Volleyball League is to test the results of the players' intensive training in the first three months, and hopes to understand the player's progress and the gap with the opponent, and then review.

The unit, made up of Hong Kong's disciplined forces, went all out despite knowing that the day was a must-lose match. A member of the team from Hong Kong Customs said that they were afraid to see the tall Chinese women's volleyball team at first, but they still concentrated on using the tactics they had learned in the past to enter the game.

A member from the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department mentioned that before the start of the game, Cai Bin led the two teams to warm up together, which helped them enter the game as soon as possible, and she also admitted that through this "hand-to-hand", she learned a lot of skills from the Chinese women's volleyball team and benefited a lot. (End)