On Monday, Les Echos had indicated that the government had received the green light from the Council of State to tax more highway companies.

"It is under study, we must look at what the Council of State says, taxation is possible. [...] Then this can only be done if all other concession companies are also taxed: hydroelectric dams are concessions, Paris airport is a concession, so we will study this option," the minister said.

"I just want to know what this tax is for, what it will be able to finance, and especially what the impact may be for other concessions," he added.

According to Les Echos, the government could recover 2 to 3 billion euros in revenue by 2030, while motorway companies have benefited from larger net gains since 2018, due to the reduction in the corporate tax rate, from 33% to 25% during Macron's first five-year term.

Bruno Le Maire said that "if there is a decision, it is for the 2024 finance bill", which will be presented in September.

On Monday, the government said it had identified "at least 10 billion euros in savings" which are only a "step" and will contribute by 2027 to the recovery of the degraded accounts of the France, by cutting health spending or fuel tax benefits.

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